Made in conformance with the strict quality standards, with the use of the latest safe materials only and designed after original ideas, inspiration and traditional special features, MAUNFELD® household appliances will create a presentable interior of your home, emphasizing the key things to your comfort and concealing the secondary
To date the collection of MAUNFELD® kitchen appliances is extremely varied, highly functional, modern, and stylized. It includes economy, comfort and premium class kitchen hoods as well as insular hoods with exquisite design; with mechanical, electronic and sensor control (certain models are completed with remote controls), both with accent lighting (these hoods can be used as lamps) and without it (a variety of hoods present works of art which combine the brightness of light and unique forms).

Apart from kitchen hoods the trademark comprises multi-functional conventional ovens, gas and electrical hobs, glass ceramic hobs, dishwashers, and all the above-mentioned household equipment is advanced and at the same time so easy to use even for a first-timer.