All hoods presented at the market cope with their main task – cleaning your home of odours, which accompany cooking. The more accurately you define the necessary functions in the hood the more efficient and longer it will serve you.

The major features while choosing the hood are installation, airflow rate and filter.

Flat hoods are installed above the cooker or under a cabinet.

Integrated hoods are installed into the cabinet above the cooker and only the lower part is visible.

Integrated telescopic hoods: motor case is installed into a cabinet and only the extension part is moved forward.

Insular hoods are mounted on the ceiling.

Detached hoods are mounted on the wall.

Air flow rate is also important. The air must change 12 times in one hour. Multiply the length, height and width of your kitchen and then multiply it by 12. The resulting figure is the air flow.

I recommend to choose a hood with the air flow rate for a room +30%. Then, working at part of its power the hood will serve longer.

As for the hood’s width, you can choose from sizes 50-120 cm. The hood must be installed not lower than 75 cm from a gas cooker and 60-70 cm from electric cookers